Welcome to "Jagdgruppe Ost" my virtual hangar for my scale model aircraft collection. As you can probably tell I'm a Luftwaffe enthusiast and a Bf 109 fanatic, but I sneak some other stuff in occasionally. Thanks for dropping by!

I'd also like to extend an invitation to join the Large Scale Luftwaffe Special Interest Group at Large Scale Modeler.  We have some fantastic modelers there and a good bunch of people, please stop by and check it out.  Also look for us on Facebook .

-Mike Offutt



Bf 109E-1, 6./JG 54, "Brown 2"

Bf 109F-2, 1./JG 3, "White 7"

Bf 109F-2, 4./JG 54, "White 9"

Bf 109E-7/Trop, Stab I./JG 27, "<A"

Bf 109G-4, 6./JG 52, "Yellow 3"

Bf 109G-6, 70a Squadriglia, 23 Gruppo, "Black 4"

Bf 109G-5, 9./JG 54, "Yellow 11"

Bf 109G-14/AS, 2./JG 300, "Red 10"

Bf 109G-10, 2./JG 300, "Red 5"

Bf 109G-14, 5a Squadriglia, 2 Gruppo Caccia, "Yellow 1"

Bf 109G-10, IV./JG 301, "Blue 1"

Bf 109G-10, Stab I./JG 52 "White <<"


Bf 110D-3, 6./ZG 76, "M8+AP"


Fw 190A-3, 8./JG 2, "Black 11"

Fw 190A-8, 11./JG 3, "Black 8"

Fw 190D-9, JV 44, "Red 1"

Fw 190D-13, Stab/JG 26, "Yellow 10"

Ta 152C-1, Stab/JG 301, "Green 4"


Me 163B, 1./JG 400, "White 18"


Curtiss H75A-3, GC II/4, 3 Escadrille